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We are delighted to invite you to a metal detectorist meeting to Zalakoveskut, in Zala county, Hungary !
The venue is a farm at the edge of the village of Zalakovekut. GPS coordinates : N, E17.8.22.67.
How to get there :
By car : Zalakoveskut lies in Western Hungary, 15km from the lake Balaton, 25km from the M7 motorway. Budapest is 210km, Wienna 140km and Bratislava ( Pressburg) is 130km from the village.
By air : Sarmellek International Airport is 15km, from the village.
Program of the meeting, 11th October :

- Opening at 9am, - Presentations on various topics of interests for metal detectorists, e.g. gold washing on the Danube, air photography, etc. Guests speakers are warmly welcome, so if you have any good story to share, e.g. on nice finds, treasures, coin conservation, etc. please send your presentation to the e-mail address in English or in German. We will arrange translation. If you have photos, images to show, please bring them in digital format (in CDs, pendrive, etc.) - Testing metal detectors. We will build testing ranges for testing machines that exactly replicates the natural conditions, with coins deposited in various depths. You will also have opportunitz to deposit your coins in any depth level you wish by the way of plastic tubes installed in the soil. Specific testing range will be available for high-depth detectors. - Token hunt : we will plough in 7 000 coins for to hunt for ! - Tombola draw - Other programs, networking, having fun ! Program on the 12th October - further testing - discussions on various metal detecting topics Other attractions : - Beer tent - Pig roast - Hungarian specialities, goat cheese, pogacsa cakes - Metal detecting equipment purchase opportunities, - Surprise program Cost: The entry fee will be 2 000,-HU, 10 EUR or 8 GBP. This fee includes a lunch on the first day. We will also provide meat and firewood for those who want to cook their own meal. (We cannot provide cooking equipment and other raw materials). Tasting opportunities of specialities from other countries will be welcome ! Accomodation opportunities : - Aranypatak Restaurant, 0036/83/335-135 0036/30/9794-907 arany-patak (20 persons) - Kis-Ház Restaurant, 0036/83/540-450 0036/20/3308-265 Http:// (12+10 persons) - - - - - For those who bring their own tent, camping site, electricity and water will be provided Other information : The closest Petrol Filling stations are in Keszthely (15 km), Heviz (8 km0 and in Zalaszentgrot (9km). ATMs are also available in these locations. FAQ : - How we will understand each other ? No to panic, we will arrange English and German translators - Can I bring my metaldetector ? Yes of course. The more types of machine will participate in the testing on the same soil, the more reliable will be the results. - Can I bring my detectorists friends, family, girl-friend ? Of course, everybody will be welcome. - What can I offer to the tombola draw ? We are expecting offers for such objects that are useful for a metaldetectorist : knife, battery charger, magnet, find pouche, etc. Just small, cheap things of a couple thousands Forints. - Do we need to worry about the authorities ? No, this is not the first event. In Hungary, the metal detecting activity is subject to permission only if it aims to find and dig out archaeological objects ( dated before 1711), or if it is performed on registered archaeological sites or in National Parks. In any other case it can be freely performed. If you have other queries, please feel free to contact us at address. PS. : If you are still hesitating, please note that beer is very cheap in Hungary and women are beautiful !


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